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Carved Natural Burmese Jadeite Jade Red / White / Green Phoenix & Lotus Flower

This substantial piece is an exceptional value.  It is a very nicely carved phoenix and lotus flower of red and green.  Untreated natural Burmese jadeith jade measuring 2-1/4" x 1-1/2" and a substantial weight.   The Phoenix is probably the most recognizable and popular Chinese symbol  meaning rebirth and regeneration.   Many people view it a symbol of making through hardships and stuggles.  The lotus flower is also a symbol of rebirth adn purity.   Together they make a powerful carving to the wearer.   One can feel the special energy of jadeite jade as it is worn - it becomes warm to the touch as well as the area it touches the body.   This piece is on a temporary red non-adjust cord -  and is ready for custome designing into a beautiful necklace with natural stones beads.  Or add to a Chinese cord or leave as is on the red cord.    Your choice  - prices will vary based on design and beads.  

Thjis piece can be added to your choice Chinese cord (double or single) free with this purchase.   See cords available 

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