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Fine Carved Jadeite Dragon & Lotus. Wire Wrapped Pendant

This is a wonderful hand carved Burmese Jadeite Jade piece that has been custom hand wire wrapped with 14kt gold filled wire.    The jade peice measures 2-1/2" by 1-1/2" at bottom to 1-1/4" at top and has a carving depth of approxomately 1/4".    The coloration is a lovley varigation of green with some honey and localized whoite.   It is nicely carved detail.    I collaborated with wire wrap artist Bill Dettmer to customize the 6 wires into a statement setting.  The bale is a double V - to better distribute the weight onto a chain and for appeareance as well.    The result is a fantastic and one of kind piece that a jade collector would truly love to own and wear.    I have added a heavy rope "fashion chain" that was  purchased to use as display and example.  It can be included with the sale of the pendnant if wanted.  This piece can be worn by male or female-  on gold Omega,  chain or even a heavy cord.   Many options. 

 As a jade lover and collector -  I have to say it is spectacular.   If you would like more photo views or information, contact me through the contact link on this website.  Serious interest buyers may also  arrange to "meet" this piece in person.    



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